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Fixed ball valve

Fixed ball valve

  Stationary ball valves have a floating valve seat, the medium pressure, mobile seat, make the seal compression on the ball, to ensure the seal. Usually mounted on the upper and lower shaft with ball bearing, the operating torque is small, suitable for high pressure and large diameter of the valve. To reduce the number of ball valve operating torque and increase the reliability of the sealing, appeared in recent years, oil seal ball valve, both betting special lubricant between the sealing surface, in order to form a layer of oil film, which increases the sealing, and reduce operating torque, suitable for high pressure large diameter ball valve.



1. The fluid resistance is small, its resistance coefficient with section of equal length.

2. Simple structure, small volume, light weight.

3. Compact and reliable, the widespread use of plastic ball valve sealing surface of materials, good sealing, also has been widely used in the vacuum system.

4. Easy to operate, open and close quickly, from open to close just rotate 90 °, is advantageous for the remote control.

5. Easy maintenance, simple structure of ball valve, sealing ring, which generally remove replacement is more convenient.

6. In the fully open or fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, medium through, can not cause the valve sealing surface erosion.

7. Applicable scope is wide, size from small to several millimeters, big to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. Ball rotated 90 degrees in the inlet and outlet should be completely present spherical, thereby blocking flow.

The working principle of

  一、Open the process


  1 in the closed position, the sphere of stem [/ wiki] [wiki] machinery pressure function, press the seat.

  2 when turn the handwheel counterclockwise, the valve stem is reverse movement, the Angle at the bottom of the plane to make the ball off the seat.

  3  stem continue to ascend, and valve stem guide pin of interaction in the spiral groove, the sphere began to rotate without some friction.

Until 4 to full open position, the valve stem to limit position, sphere rotation to the full open position.


  二、Close the process


  1 closing, rotating the handwheel clockwise, stem began to drop and the ball left seat begin to spin.

  2 continue to rotate the handwheel, the valve stem is embedded in the spiral groove on the role of the guide pin, the stem and ball rotate 90 ° at the same time.

  3 is close to closing, the sphere has been without contact with the valve seat rotated 90 °.

  4 wheel rotation of the last few laps, stem mechanically wedge Angle at the bottom of the plane to the oppression of a sphere, make its strong pressure on the seat, to completely seal.

Structural characteristics of

  1, the opening and closing without friction. This function completely solve the traditional [wiki] [/ wiki] for valve sealing surface friction and interaction between the sealing problem.

        2, the structure of the jacket type. The valve can be directly mounted on the pipeline online inspection and maintenance, can effectively reduce the parking device, reduce the cost.

         3, single seat design. To eliminate the influence due to abnormal pressure valve lumen medium use safety problems.

         4, low torque design. Special structure design of the valve stem, only with a small hand wheel can be easily opening and closing of the valve.  5、 楔形密封结构。阀门是靠阀杆提供的机械力,将球楔压到阀座上而密封,使阀门的密封性不受管线压差变化的影响,在各种工况下密封性能都有可靠保证。

  6、 密封面的自清洁结构。当球体倾离阀座时,管线中的流体沿球体密封面成360°均匀通过,不仅消除了高速流体对阀座局部的冲刷,也冲走了密封面上的聚积物,达到自清洁的目的。





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