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Hard seal ball valve manufacturer zhejiang macro ball valve door to tell you the valve industry in China with the international technology gap

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With the rapid development of economy in our country, the valve industry as a national industry, after several years of wind and rain, the rapid development in all parts of the country, become the main industry of the rapid development of domestic machinery industry, one of the valve industry in China has been developing faster, but the problems also more, low level of industry development, product technology content is low, the control valve of a lot of product is low. Due to domestic valve industry started late, at present is still in the stage of development, valve design, manufacture, production and test capability is lower than the foreign advanced level, a lot of key valves are also dependent on imports, many valves no core technology, combined with automatic control level of restrictions, in high-end valves technology has certain gap compared with developed countries, such problem? The valve on the market in our country, hard seal ball valve in addition to the low pressure valve has acceptable level to the international market, high pressure valve will still rely on imports. Continued bullish in macroeconomic situation, the valve industry for most of the production and sales indicators have maintained a fast growth, but because of the influence of the price war, industry sales revenue and profits have declined significantly over the last year. On the product, due to duplication of investment, technology investment, the introduction is not enough, the leading enterprises in China valve products is still low-quality mass products. At present our country enterprise production of all kinds of a common valve leakage, leakage, the appearance quality is not high, short life, and not flexible operating valve electric device and pneumatic devices such unreliable shortcomings, partial product is the size of the last century the early eighty s the international level. Hard seal ball valve and some of the high temperature and high pressure valves and key device need still rely on imports, in addition, our valves are hard sealing ball valve industry in the industrial chain, industrial structure, the valve industry and industry specialization degree there is a big gap with foreign enterprises. Caused domestic valve products of poor quality the reason: as the market is rapidly expanding, and the original state-owned enterprises valve were shut down and go, original mechanical industry level is not high, township and village enterprises (private companies) developed rapidly. But low starting point of township enterprises, technical strength is very weak, poorly equipped, most products are imitation production, especially the water supply and drainage with low pressure valves, the serious problem. In addition, according to the relevant departments to statistics, every year in China valve market turnover of up to 50 billion yuan, more than 100 one hundred million yuan market is occupied by foreign enterprises valve. Although after reform and opening up China’s valve industry vigorous development, has made no small achievement. Hard seal ball valve but at present, China’s valve industry there are still some problems, such as China’s main valve enterprise is given priority to with low level, small, cottage industry enterprises.
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